Triple C Cloud Computing becomes the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014

Triple C Cloud Computing which is an Israeli hosting service provider has been stated as the Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year. Triple C Cloud Computing has been awarded this title for the Windows Azure Pack solution operation performed by it and also for the launch of the Microsoft Cloud Platform which was done this year. Triple C Cloud Computing is a division of the Microsoft Cloud Operating System Network and also a part of the Gold Hosting and Server Platform partner. The CEO of Triple C Cloud Computing Ramy Nehum spoke about the work which is done by his company to the lineup.

Knowing about the Triple C Cloud Computing and what work is done by your organization?
Ramy Nehum stated that the company Triple C Cloud Computing offers computing solutions in four of the channels which are private as well as corporate internet service provider along with both public and private cloud computing services. Triple C Cloud Computing also assists and provides services on business continuity services, hosting and disaster recovery along with integration services designed for computing solutions.

Triple C Cloud Computing is one of the best and highly advanced data centers in Israel which offers the clients and users a large collection of services of the finest quality be it cloud computing, business continuity planning, internet disaster recovery, or hosting services. Triple C Cloud Computing is by far the first organization to provide the people of Israel public cloud computing solutions. This cloud computing company has offered technologically advanced solutions for more than twenty five years at a stretch and even now it has continued to give solutions as well as products to a large number of reputed corporate houses and companies which also includes Microsoft.

How does it feel to be honor with such a title Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year?
When asked this question to the CEO of Triple C Cloud Computing Ramy Nehum, he said that for the last six months that is from the time Triple C Cloud Computing was selected as one of the twenty partners from all over the world by the Microsoft for the Microsoft Cloud OS Network, the team of the Triple C Cloud Computing slowly and gradually took this partnership to a new level as it launched the Windows Azure Pack. This award was a breakthrough of this company not only in the entire Israel but also throughout the whole world.

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